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  Anxious, Shy, Fearful dogs
  Relieving log
  Fostering advice & tips
  Taking your dog to the vets.
  Give your dog space when eating
  Dogs and Children, interacting safely, By Louise Pay.
  The importance of a rescue group doing a home visit, before adopting a dog.
  Dogs and cats, meeting and how to manage the introduction.
  Socialization the right way..
  Leave dogs that are tied up alone, you may put them in the position where they have to defend themselves.
  Crates, should you use one & how to make your dog happy to go into one
  Long line/indoor leash, guiding your puppy/dog to make good choices
  Taking The Lead & Walking Your Dog.

Myth, you can not exercise the behavior out of your dog/puppy. People see a behavior and sadly think that exercise cures all. Not true. Decompress the dog and then move forward slowly, by taking the lead and do so in a simply kind way. No force, no gadgets.

  How to Ensure Your Dog & Baby Bond

Fostering advice & tips. Anxious dogs. Dog walking issues. Food/bowl guarding. Dog crate. Dogs and babies. Children & dogs interacting. 

Dog Listening CA, 925-487-9386. Understand your dog and change the behavior. Dog behavior specialist  Louise Pay