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The Dog Listener, By Jan Fennell, go to your Library and borrow a copy > Give your dog space when eating

Give your dog space when eating. Do not test your dog by removing the bowl as he/she is eating.

Please give your dog space when eating, do not hover over him/her.

Do not try to remove the bowl, this will cause your dog to protect the bowl, their food, their survival.

Depending on your dogs personality they might just let you, and what have you proved? They might growl, and now what? They might bite you, and look at what you have started!

Give them space, stay in the room, be a loving provider and not someone who challenges your friends right to survive. Remember that dogs are not humans, they do not rationalize food and eating in the same way as us. They are Canines, wonderful creatures, but think differently.

Don't put your dog in a position of failing, learn to read your dog, & this takes time. Understand your dog and how he/she feels. Don't cause a behavioral issue.


Removing a food bowl when a canine is eating is a very poor temperament test! Many dogs fail this, & they are just trying to survive.

Remove the bowl when they walk away, meal over until the next one.

Personality matters more than breed, know your dogs personality, learn to read your dog. Louise Pay Dog Listener

Louise East Bay Dog Listener

Louise, The East Bay Dog Listener