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Amichien Bonding is about canine communication.
Your dog's behavior will change when you give your dog the right information & do so in a gentle way. Welcome to AB!


 Amichien™ Bonding  

Amichien Bonding’ is the established, highly successful and kind way of working with the nature of the dog to achieve the desired behaviour and responses; whether at home in our daily lives, out in our communities or for those dogs training to work alongside people to benefit all.

‘Amichien Bonding’ represents my dream of finding a simple way for both dog and carer to communicate in a way that both can really understand, removing the confusion that can cause difficulties in this partnership. Once applied ‘Amichien Bonding’ will help create a perfect, trusting friendship and should be seen, as with all forms of communication, as the perfect foundation for a wonderful future together.
Initially, inspired by the renown horseman Monty Roberts ‘The Man Who Listens to Horses’, who, through extensive study of mustangs living free of humans, was able to adapt the communication system of all horses into the incredible ‘Equus’ method of enabling a horse to trust and respond positively to all people, I determined to study dogs in the same way. By watching wolves, African wild dogs, Coyotes, Dingoes, Jackals and others I too was able to understand their world in the same way that Monty did with horses.
By rejecting all thoughts of dominance and force and replacing them with respect, recognition of the world through their eyes and the desire to get our dogs to want to work with us of their own free will, we are empowered to have stress free happy dogs who will respond to our requests and choose to stay with us. By seeing that almost all problems arise from a misunderstanding, once we appreciate that the dog is looking for a leader who cares for them, is kind to them and will step up to the role of leader when they experience concern or fear, we are able to bring magic to this relationship, with the simple adoption of a four part information system.
‘Amichien Bonding’ is the result of extensive study of the psychological needs of all dogs, their communication system and their place in the evolution of the world. This study has resulted in the application of a training system based on the simplest of all concepts and (when utilised) can become a comfortable way of life. Recognising that all good manners should be learnt at home within the family group and applying this to the education of the dog, the inevitable outcome is harmony and joy and, as with any language, the more we practise, the better and more confident we become. ‘Amichien Bonding’ is unlike human languages in that there are no words, however, it shares our ability to communicate through intention, body language, patient teaching and positive re-enforcement and helps guide the behaviour of your dog to suit your chosen needs.
‘Amichien Bonding’ gives you a full understanding of why a dog does what it does and a simple way to shape desired behaviour and quietly corrects undesirable behaviours without the use of force, fear, frustration, drugs or gadgets. Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. 
  • Please read the book, The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell, most libraries have at least one copy. Jan also has a weekly news letter called Listening today, please check this out on her web site http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com

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