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Canine communication and human education.


Louise was born in England and grew up in Warwickshire, the heart of England. Some family members still live there.

The Pay family has lived on three continents, including spending three years living in Hong Kong, which they loved.

San Ramon in the San Francisco East Bay, is now their home.

Having worked with dogs for many years using the traditional method, Louise was thrilled to find a copy of The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. The book changed not only her dog's life, but hers as well.

Louise is a Dog Listener in California, the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with clients privately, helping rescue groups, and other organizations. Amichien bonding is the gentle way to change your dogs behavior. (Dog training based in San Ramon and covering, northern CA). 


Helping people prepare their dogs for the CGC test and become office ready! Want to do more with your dog, perhaps therapy work?

Walk and train in Danville, for dogs that have had a consultation and are ready to move forward. AB comes first.


Face book page, Louise Pay.

"Gadgets block learning, it's that simple. The dog does not think for itself, and when it matters the most to the dog it reverts to the old behaviour. AB enables a dog to think & get it right.” Louise, Dog Listener.

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Dog Listeners do not see problem dogs, just dogs with problems.

Dog Listeners take part in the strict quality control system that safeguards both you and your dog(s). It enables them to offer exceptional, on-going assistance to everyone who puts their trust in them. Jan Fennell

It is a privilege to be a Dog Listener, we do not buy franchises, we are invited to become Dog Listeners and evaluated by each and every client. 

Take the lead gently, your dog will thank you for it.  Louise Pay Highly Recommended Dog Listener.

Consultations for fosters at no charge, when the referral comes from the rescue group. Pre-adoption counseling & workshops are available to rescues/adopters.

Dog training San Ramon. East bay dog training.

By understanding that every dog is different, with a different personality. We can change their behavior and do so in a simply kind way. 

Please call Louise 925-487-9386. Dog Listener Bay Area California/Jan Fennell California/Amichien Dog Training San Francisco Bay


Jan Fennell International. Please read the book, The Dog Listener, go to your local library and borrow a copy. It will change your dog's life. www.janfennellthedoglistener.com Dog Listeners world wide helping your best friend.


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Jan Fennell the Dog Listener
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