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The Dog Listener, By Jan Fennell, go to your Library and borrow a copy > Leave dogs that are tied up alone, you may put them in the position where they have to defend themselves.

Leave dog's who are tied up alone.

Dogs and Children are meant to be friends, right?  But we have all heard of incidents where that is not the case.

Knowing how Children behave, and how much they love dogs/puppies how can the relationship go so wrong.

Understanding Dogs/Canines would help, their needs, their behavior, how when threatened (feel threatened) they have three options, Flight, Freeze and Fight.

Dogs will always chose flight if they can, not wanting to get in a fight, why get hurt when there is no need.

Freeze-perhaps they can hide/blend in to the background, and maybe no one will see them, the danger will pass.

Fight their last resort!  It is the last resort for them, as they could lose their life.

(Please tell your Children to Never Go Up To A Dog, the dog should always come to them). To leave dogs who are tied up alone.

Never, ever, go up to a dog that is tied up, if they see your child as a threat-they will bite, and it is their natural defence, depending on their personality. This is not a Vicious dog, just a dog who was left with no choice, given it's personality. A dog who felt that it had to fight, as it could not flee or freeze.

Some dogs are frighted, will just shake, hope that you will go away, perhaps, even pee themselves out of fear. (So Sad!)

Some are fine, we have all seen dogs being petted, and having a great time, they are relaxed and fine.But if your child has food in their hands, a dog will go for their hands. Dogs are opportunistic eaters and if the opportunity presents it's self they will eat. Fingers may get in the way.

Some poor dogs can not cope and pay a high price for our going  up to them. There is no way for a child  ( to quickly and safely) to tell how a dog will react.

Teach your Children to leave dogs who are tied up alone, save your child from being bitten, and save a dogs life.

Understand your dog's personality/behavior and enjoy your freind. Dog's are amazing creatures, in a world they do not understand.

I am not saying that all dogs are dangerous,  just asking parents to protect their children. Give them the right information, about  not approaching a dog.  Tell them how a dog feels in certain circumstances, and how they may react.

Asking, dog owners to protect their dogs, by understanding how a dog feels when threatened. Think Flight, Freeze, Fight, and save a dogs life!  Every dog reacts differently and it is up to each dog owner, to not set their dog up to fail!  Louise Pay Dog Listener CA.

Louise Pay, The East Bay Dog Listener.