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The Dog Listener, By Jan Fennell, go to your Library and borrow a copy > Dogs and cats, meeting and how to manage the introduction.

Brining a new dog into a cat home.


Dogs and cats, how to guide them as their relationship grows.

Dogs and cats coexist in the wild, without getting in each others way.

They respect each others space and differences.

 If your cat is young and healthy then he/she will get out of your new dogs way.

Keep your new dog on a leash, guide your dog’s behavior, and show him/her the right way to behave with your cat. Prevention is better than a cure.

 Use baby gates; keep your new friend’s (dog) world small, one room will do to start with. Give your cat(s) a chance to get used to a canine leaving in their home, and doing so safely.

 If your cat is old and or ill, it is your responsibility to protect your cat(s).

Setting up separate living areas for both species.

 If they are all healthy and young they can learn get along or in the least tolerate each other.

 The best thing that you can do to make this successful, is to be calm, and not make anything of their meeting. With your dog a leash, with you being relaxed, showing your dog how to behave and if anything goes wrong you will manage the situation with out any harm happening to either animal.

 This is about guidance and you not setting them up to fail, knowing both personalities and taking things slowly. Their relationship could be wonderful if they are given a chance. Some never get on and will live apart very happily.

 If there is a bad reaction, please do not react to the wrong behavior, instead remove your dog from the room and without any fuss, isolate him/her in another room. Leave your dog there in isolated for a short period of time, a few minutes, and if he/she is calm then  without a fuss. (Wait until your dog is quiet before letting him/her out). Carry on as normal, your dog will get it, no dog likes to be away from their pack/family.


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