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The Dog Listener, By Jan Fennell, go to your Library and borrow a copy > The importance of a rescue group doing a home visit, before adopting a dog.

Adopting a dog is a big deal, you are saving a life, thank you!

The importance of the rescue group doing a home visit, prior to your bringing your friend home can not be overstated. Both you and your new friend need to have the right life time partner.  The right person doing the evaluation, is just as important as having one! The foster family/foster coordinator needs to be the one accessing the home/someone who knows the dog's history well. Not a total stranger.

A good group will send someone to your home, not to look at your decor, but to see how you live, your life style, knowing the personality of the dog in their care, they will know if this is a good fit. Being in love with a dog is not enough, you need to make sure that both of you/all of you will be happy. This relationship is life long.

This is not just about your home/yard/ being a safe place, but are you the right person/family for this dog? Dogs are for a life time, they are loving amazing creatures and bringing the wrong one home will be awful for you, your family and the dog.

Please be grateful to a group who cares enough to check your home/life/activity level, before your new friend comes home. Some groups do not do this, they do not know the dogs in their care, their personality, needs, likes etc. With time, care, finding the right home will save all those involved from failing, and being broken hearted! One of the best ways to adopt, is to foster first, take your relationship slowly!

Take time to find the right companion, for all of your sakes. Be grateful to a group for taking the time to find the right home.

Again, thank you for adopting.


Every dog's personality is different and even if you have had this breed before, does not mean that you have had this personality!

A good rescue/organization will get to know you and your family, and will let you know if the dog you love, is a good fit for your family.

The best person to do the home/yard check is the foster, as they know the dog best. Louise Dog Listener Bay Area CA.

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