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The Dog Listener, By Jan Fennell, go to your Library and borrow a copy > Taking your dog to the vets.


Just hang out. Going to the vets office with your dog, show your friend that it’s nothing to worry about. Be a good role model. (Baby steps with a scared dog).

This can be a daunting thing to do as a dog owner and can be a frightening event for your friend. Go slowly. Visit the vet’s office frequently, not just to checkups or shots. Simply visit the office with your dog without a procedure being done.

Hang out, sit and read a book. Show your dog that this is not a scary place. By showing your dog that you are calm, your dog will see this as an OK experience. They may never love it and that’s OK. Some of us hate going to the dentist!

Make this a place where your dog trusts you to handle what happens to him/her with ease. (Stay calm and carry on).

If your relationship is right at home, then trust will be there when our and about. Calm & consistent wins the day.

They are all different it is not about the breed, it’s about the personality. Trust you; again please be a good role model.

Emergencies happen, do what is necessary to save a life!

Teach your vet to ignore your dog until they relax & then ask/invite the dog over-reward and praise.

Louise Pay