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Dog Listeners Worldwide

Please consider reading the book, The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. The book is available at most libraries.

Take the lead in a gentle way, The Dog Listener's way. Look for the dog angel logo for quality assurance.   

Listed below you will find Amichien ® Dog Listeners/worldwide


Dog listeners in the UK




Carol McIntosh

Cleveland and surrounding area

Sue Matcham

Cambridgeshire and its borders

Vicky Kelly

Essex, East London, Kent

Liz Oldring

Derbyshire & The Midlands

Kelly Richardson  

Moray & North Scotland

Nigel Reed


Carol Purcell

Kent & Surrey

Georgie Bowe

North Yorkshire

Ali Carrington


Caroline Renaud


Donna Apps


Louise Gorrigan

South Wales and South West

Colum Scriven

Renfrewshire, Scotland

Ben Cornish


Malcolm Nutbrown

West Yorkshire

Dog listeners worldwide

Vicki Lowe  

New Zealand

Mervi Kärki

Sweden – Stockholm

Louise Pay

USA - California

Maria Svӓrd Baker

Sweden, Stockholm

Mari Koskinen


 Amichien dog training system

Dog behavioral problems, puppy issues, barking, other dogs, house training, walking/pulling/leash, brining a new dog home, food agression, adding another dog to your pack/family, home set up, dogs & children. Dogs of any age can learn new behaviors, as long has they are healthy enough to hear. If your dog's behavior has suddenly changed go to your vet. 

There are dog Listener's worldwide. Change your dog's behavior in a gentle way. Jan Fennel's web site.

To become Dog Listener, having completed the courses, we continue to learn, train and we are all evaluated after every consultation. There are strict quality controls that we must abide by.  We love being part of this organization.

This is not a franchise business & we are not syndicated, just invited.Amichien bonding allows you to see the world through your dogs eyes & gives you the tools to change your dog's behavior, Louise CA.

“Gadgets block learning, it's that simple. The dog does not think for itself, and when it matters the most to the dog it reverts to the old behaviour. AB enables a dog to think & get it right.” Louise CA.

Jan fennell Dog Listener Worldwide Louise Pay.