The East Bay Dog Listener, CA. USA.
Dog listening enables us to see the world through the eyes of the dog.


Welcome to The East Bay Dog Listener, Louise Pay, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant trained in England by Jan Fennell (Amichien® Bonding).

Please call Louise, to talk about your dog's behavior 925-487-9386. There is no pressure to book a consultation. This is the naturally kind way to change any non medical behavior, in any dog, of any age and any breed.

A simply kind method working with the nature of your dog, without bending your friends will.

Not dominating, but asking for and getting willing cooperation. Shaping your dogs behavior and having the relationship that you have always wanted with your companion. Does your dog trust you when it really counts, to a dog...or do you do the human thing? 

Below is listed some unwanted canine behaviors, and problems dog owners face. All and more are helped with this kind method.

  • Barking,
  • Biting,
  • Relieving issues.
  • Issues between your dog (s) and Children.
  • Bringing a puppy or new dog home. New dog owner.
  • Problems walking your dog (s).
  • Stressed, shy dogs are helped.
  • Why is my dog so fearful.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Food issues, growling, protecting, guarding the bowl.
  • Adding another dog to your pack.
  • Dog aggression/reactive.
  • Rescue dog, have you just adopted a dog and need some advice?
  • Just had a Baby, and your dog is not happy. Help with introducing your dog and baby.
  • Other dogs and socialization issues.

Helping people to keep their much loved & needed dogs, by working with them to change the dog's behavior.

Does your dog trust to to make all of the decisions, or is he/she taking the lead. Does your dog get the leadership thing wrong.

How calm and confident are you in your leadership role. Any non medical, unwanted behavior can be helped, enjoy a better relationship with your best friend. Please read The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell, visit your library and borrow a copy. There are Dog Listeners world wide. Amichien Dog Training Bay Area CA. dog listening worldwide

Amichien dog training system

Louise Pay, the East Bay Dog Listener. Canine Advocate. Dog Behaviorist.   For advice & help please call 925.487.9386.

Learn to take the lead in a gentle way; without dominating your friend, by understanding your dog & then shape the right behavior.

Trained by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. Louise is a dog behavior specialist, certified bonded & insured. Based in San Ramon, in the San Francisco East Bay. 

A Highly Recommended Dog Listener. Giving life time support to cleints. Workshops, advice & information about canine behavior.

Dog training in the San Francisco Bay Area.